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Widowed at 29, mother of 4, holding dear to God

After losing Mark, what seemed to help the most to process my feelings was to write his eulogy. Even after the funeral, I kept writing. Follow my journey as I navigate this new journey and search for peace in the assurance of eternity.

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Constant Companions

For the majority of my life I have had two constant companions; Jesus and running. These two companions of mine have never left me, they...

Little Moments

I walked the dog today. It's Saturday today, and my kids aren't home, so I walked him a little extra long. We walked across Silver Lake...

Mark's Favorites

I have this urge to keep track, to remember all of the things that Mark loved. There is no guarantee that this post will ever truly be...

My Heart is Safe in His Hands

It has been a rough few weeks on my head and my heart. I have been consumed with sadness, worry and hurt. In the world of widowhood they...

The Words of A Father

Aaliyah had to get her tooth pulled this week. She has a fairly significant history of terror for medical and dental procedures. Shots...

Just 30 minutes

I woke up on the morning of July 30th and I tried to eat, as soon as the food touched my lips I became completely uninterested in it. A...

My Life Changed Forever

It was Wednesday July 29th, I was at work. I had gotten up from my desk to go to the bathroom, when I returned I saw that I had a missed...

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