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Mark's Favorites

I have this urge to keep track, to remember all of the things that Mark loved. There is no guarantee that this post will ever truly be finished because I might end up remembering more and more as we go. But here is a list of many things Mark loved

Ribs and Rib tips

Buffalo Wings: especially with crispy skin from TGIFridays

Fried Chicken

He loved Corn on the Cob but rarely ate it because he hated getting it out of his teeth

Thin Crust Pizza with Sausage and Green Peppers

Deep Dish Pizza (he was from Chicago after all)

Fried fish and chips with hot sauce

Hot sauce as its own category

Hot Links with hot peppers

Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches

Gyros (but you had to pronounce the G as a G)

baked mac and cheese

sweet potato pie

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Lasagna (he would have said this is his favorite food of all time, but mostly if it was his mom's)

My grandma's beans

My beef stew

Fried Rice

Egg Foo Young

Shrimp and Broccoli with no onions

Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Grape Jelly

Cindy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Egg breakfast sandwiches

He like his eggs over medium, but he would eat scrambled because it's all I made

Honey Buns, but with frosting not icing

Anything little Debbie but particularly fudge rounds and oatmeal cream pies

Lattes, no flavoring

Cappucinos dry

Coffee: 4 creams, 4 sugars (unless I was making it, and then I cut back on those two considerably)


Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Pepsi when I first met him

Switched to Red Mountain Dew

Then to Cherry Pepsi

Finally his favorite was Rootbeer, particularly A&W

Peanut M&Ms

Sour Patch Kids

Favorite movie snack was nachos with jalapenos

Nacho Cheese Doritos

Cinnamon Flavored Oreos

French Dressing

White rice with breakfast

bread at every meal

orange juice

Cinnamon Toast Crunch



Horror Movies

Independence Day movie series

Bad Boys Series

Boys in the Hood

Menace to Society

Friday Night Lights

Sons of Anarchy

Flip that house

Zombie house

The First 48

The Temptations TV Mini Series

The Band in the Hand

Peter Rabbit (with Aaliyah)

Howard the Duck

Police Academy Series

All Marvel Movies

Comic Books

Wild'n Out

Drumline series

Adventures in Babysitting



The Rap Game

Video Games


Mortal Combat



Call of Duty

Mrs Packman


NHL video game


NBA video game

Favorite Football Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Basketball Team: Chicago Bulls

Favorite Hockey Team: not a big fan of hockey but he would pick the Blackhawks

Favorite baseball Team: Minnesota Twins

Favorite College Sports team: Ohio State

Favorite Sport in general: Football

Played cornerback

Most proud of his 40 yd sprint time (don't ask me what it is, of all running distances I find that the most irrelevant)

Color: Blue

Shoe size: 10.5

Stevie Wonder

The Temptations

Tom Petty

a lot of rap I could never even imagine knowing


Singing: including making up songs to sing to the kids

Ping Pong

Paintbrush brand: purdy

Newport Shorts


Gym Shoes (he loved gym shoes)

Chocolate donuts

Side of the bed: closest to the door


His Church People

His dog Precious (he still talked about her)


Brand name Listerine


Book of the Bible: Mark

Dream vacation: Costa Rica

Wearing house shoes

A clean and ice-free driveway

Waking up at 5:00 am every morning

Pajama pants


a cool breeze


Chain necklaces

buying gifts



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