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Widowed at 29, mother of 4, holding dear to God

After losing Mark, what seemed to help the most to process my feelings was to write his eulogy. Even after the funeral, I kept writing. Follow my journey as I navigate this new journey and search for peace in the assurance of eternity.

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I Promise to be Back

Hello everyone! I apologize for my long absence. I do promise to be back at my writing, which I know is also important to my grieving and...

Grief Manifested in Boredom

Sometimes grief manifests in boredom. Its funny because when I had Mark by my side I think I was either okay with being bored, or he made...

Real and Raw: Sitting in the Muck

I tend to be a very blunt person. I don't think this makes me rude, I just don't skirt around anything. Here in Minnesota there is...

I am a damn good mom

You want to know what sucks? Feeling like an inadequate parent. I recall one of our marriage therapy sessions where I tried to explain to...

Monday Mark Memories: Making Friends

After Mark and I went out the first few times it became pretty clear to me that Mark was in full pursuit. If I am being totally honest...

Mark, You Would Have Loved Today

Marky, Today was one of those days that kept making me think "My Marky would have loved today." First of all, we are on vacation, which...

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