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Thank You Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Two weeks ago I was given the honor and privilege to share during Serenity Village's 8 year anniversary service. The part I was asked to share during was as a thank you to Pastor Rich Scherber and Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. Serenity Village began as a small recovery ministry and God has grown it into a very large recovery ministry as well as a flourishing church body. Service and outreach are in many ways the backbone of the church, and a commitment to supporting MNTC and other similar ministries are part of that service. I was one of three church members that thanked Pastor Rich before he was presented with a check for $10,000 from SVCC. I have included below the text of what I shared, as well as the link to watch.

Earlier in the service Pastor Rich had an opportunity to share a few words of his own, he spoke about the rising rates of addiction in 2020, he shared that recovery centers like MNTC and recovery programs like Serenity Village are so necessary right now! 2020 has brought with it an increase in drug overdoses 30% higher than in 2019. I ask those of you that are still planning to do some year end giving to please consider a donation to Teen Challenge. You could donate in Mark's honor, or even better donate in the name of hope, the hope that another soul would surrender their life to Jesus and have the opportunity to truly live a life with purpose and meaning. If you choose to give you can do so here

"My name is Megan. I am not in recovery. I did not attend Teen Challenge. But still, I am a life changed because of Teen Challenge. My husband, Mark Thomas, entered Teen Challenge in 2011. Teen Challenge was his last hope to overcome the damage from a life filled with drugs and crime. He found Jesus in Teen Challenge and asked Him to be on the throne of his life. It is because of Teen Challenge that he became a man of God and a witness for the life transforming power of the cross. Mark passed away 4 months ago, with 9 years of freedom! My children and I have some very good memories to hold onto, as well as the hope of seeing him again in eternity. If it were not for the impact of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge I would not have had the privilege of marrying Mark. Mark would not have had the opportunity to be a father and to work to break the generational curses of his family. Now, my testimony is tied to his and Teen Challenge will always be a monumental part of it. As I walk through this journey of widowhood I can look back to Mark's life and see the evidence that God works all things together for the good, and even this will bring Glory to God. So thank you Pastor Rich, and thank you Serenity Village. God Bless you."

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