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Monday Mark Memories: Our First Dinner Date

After our group outing to the movies Mark was texting me more questions than I could possibly answer. One of his questions was if I would go out to dinner with him, this time just the two of us. I agreed to go, and we set the date for a Thursday evening. After I opened up my big mouth and told him I didn't bother getting ready before our last "date" I thought I better put some actual effort into my appearance this time. I remember exactly what I wore. I have (still do) this super cute white and black striped dress, long sleeves, scoop neck, fitted to about mid thigh. I wore it with black tights and black boots. I also painted my fingernails this dark emerald green color I had just gotten for Christmas.

Mark had a car when I met him, but he didn't drive it, or at least barely. So I was picking him up, which I didn't mind because I am kind of controlling and preferred to drive. I had to stop for gas on my way, because I never get gas until the light comes on (which is something we fought about for the entirety of our marriage). So, I stopped at the SuperAmerica on 62nd Ave and West Broadway. I think I remember this so well because I frequent this same station multiple times a week now, and because the cashier that night noticed my nail polish. His name is Randy and he still works there. He commented that he had never seen someone wear green nail polish, I remember that I was running late and just wanted to pay and run.

I picked Mark up a few minutes later, the house he stayed at had two driveways, and he asked that I pick him up from the back driveway. I remember him getting into my car and commenting on two things: how clean my car was, and the radio station. I was listening to KTIS, and he commented that he thought it was really cool. He told me where he planned to take me to dinner and we drove to Maple Grove and went into the Granite City.

I remember so many things about this evening, before we could even start eating Mark told me that he had a house meeting and couldn't stay at dinner very long. He felt bad and asked "If you have fun tonight, would you be willing to go to the movies with me tomorrow night?" I was surprised that he actually asked me out for a second time before we had even started the date. Being the straightforward person I am, I actually responded with "That isn't fair, if I say yes now and then don't agree to go to the movies you will know its because I didn't have a good time. Why don't I just wait to answer you until we are done with dinner?" He agreed. We ordered our food. I got fettuccini alfredo and Mark ordered salmon. I will never forget what he ordered because he pronounced the "L" in salmon. He said "I will take the Sal-Mun." I actually laughed. When I think back on these memories sometimes I wonder why he kept coming back to me for more when I kept opening up my mouth with stupid comments.

Our food came and we started eating, this is Mark's favorite part of the story of our first dinner date. He always says that he looked away to ask the waiter for an order of bread and when he looked back my food was already gone. He actually commented and said "Wow, you must have been hungry." To which I responded "Yeah, I am not one of those girls that pretends not to eat. I love food, I could probably eat more than you."

We sat together a little longer and chatted while Mark finished his meal. He asked me my favorite color, to which I said "Normally purple, but today my favorite color is this green I have on my nails." I asked about his children, and kept up with my straightforward agenda and asked if he ever thought he would get back together with the mother of his children. He said not at all, they weren't good together. He told me a few details and I opened my big mouth again with "Wow, she sounds like a psycho" and immediately thought how rude that could come off, considering she was still the mother of his children. Somehow Mark wasn't offended. We finished our food and got back in the car. I drove him home, and he reminded me about the movie the next night. I agreed to go, he smiled and said "So, you must have had fun?" I agreed to the hug he asked for, and he got out of the car and walked up the driveway.

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