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Monday Mark Memories: Meeting Him

Every Monday I am planning to write a memory of Mark. Even though I think about him constantly I want to be sure to have concrete memories to share with our children and maybe someday our grandchildren. Today I will begin with the first time I met Mark.

I started working at Autumn Ridge Apartments in October of 2013. This was my first full time job out of college and I was excited but nervous. I remember feeling like I got into the swing of things pretty well, learned the computer programs I needed to know, and began to understand the different facets of the job. My desk was right at the front and part of my job was to "greet" people as they came in, which in reality functioned more as a gatekeeper to the rest of the staff.

One day soon after I started this man came in, I remember that he didn't stop and ask for anything or even say hello. He just came in and went upstairs to the office of one of my co-workers. A few minutes later he came downstairs, and spoke with the assistant manager. I heard him say he was going across the street to get lunch from China Star, and I chimed in "Oh! Pick me up lunch too, I like beef and broccoli!" Then I headed out the door to walk a few units. Moments later I hear "Hey, hey, wait a minute!' I turned around and there was this same man, the painter from All Kind. He said, "I would love to buy you lunch, you said beef and broccoli, right?"

I remember being kind of taken back, because I was just messing around. If I would have been at school with one of the guys from studio I would have taken them up on the offer, but I didn't even know this guy. So rather than accept I just said "No, I was just joking, I don't need anything." He double checked to make sure I wouldn't change my mind. I still said no and ran off back to what I was doing.

The next morning I came into work with two sugar coated donuts from Bill's gas station. I fully intended to eat both of them. But this painter was standing at my desk when I came in. He said "Hey, let me have one of your donuts." I figured I could share and handed him one, I could tell he was genuinely surprised that I did as he asked. At this point I still didn't know who he was, other than a painter from All Kind. He said thank you and introduced himself as Mark.

I later found out that he had scurried up the stairs without stopping at my desk because the coworker of mine had a major crush on Mark and always brought him something to eat or drink. One of the ways he kept clients happy was definitely by letting the ladies flirt with him. That coworker soon took quite a disliking for me, I guess she thought I was trying to steal her man. Years later I found out that Mark doesn't even like sugar coated donuts, he was just testing me. I guess I passed.

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Albert Okata
Albert Okata
Feb 01, 2021

Hi Megan, You just won follower. May the good Lord bless you and your younger ones! Please fellowship with us song


Jan 26, 2021

I love your writing memories for your children and grand children Megan! I am so grateful that you she share these with the rest of us. You blessed and comforted my friend Nancy the exactly the way she needed it. From one Widow to another! Thank you!!!

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