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Monday Mark Memories: A Palm Springs Birthday

I am skipping ahead in our story a bit with this memory, because something happened yesterday that brought a memory to my mind. Currently the kids and I are in Longboat Key, FL with my extended family. When I unzipped the front pocket on my suitcase to pull out my charging cord a receipt flew out with it. I picked it up and read it. Lucky Brand was the store, located in Palm Desert, CA. The purchase was 9/25/15. The receipt is from our honeymoon. Mark and I flew out to Palm Springs for our honeymoon in 2015. We were only there for 5 days, but we did something fun on each day. Interestingly, Mark chose Palm Springs even though he isn't really a sit around the pool type of guy. He told me that the reason he hated the sun was because when he was a kid his sisters would take him to the beach and leave him in the sand while they talked to boys. I cannot verify the truth to this story. Anyways, we went to Palm Springs and I thought we were going to be swimming and soaking up the sun. I think we went in the resort pool once, maybe twice. The rest of the time we hiked in the desert, which was really beautiful. We visited every museum in Palm Springs, as well as the zoo. On Friday, our last day and Mark's birthday we decided to shop. We woke up, we drove out to El Paseo Blvd and walked around looking at things we could not afford. It was Mark's 33rd birthday, so I agreed to let him choose a gift. The receipt is from the pair of jeans he chose, they were 4 times more expensive than I ever would have spent on myself, but they were always my favorite pair of jeans he wore. We spent the rest of our day walking around, holding hands, checking out the fancy cars, and just enjoying our time together. That night we dressed up and went out for dinner. You can see in the pictures that I ordered a huge chicken dinner, I ate the whole thing including dessert. Mark ordered a big juicy pork chop, and I think he gave me his dessert too. He always said that sharing the last of your food with someone else was a true sign of love. I think this is the favorite birthday I spent with Mark. He was so happy that day. We looked forward to more days like that as the kids grew and became a bit more independent. I guess our days of leisurely walking around hand in hand will have to wait for the heavenly streets. Its funny how easily your mind and heart can be struck with a memory when you stumble upon something you least expected, but I wouldn't change it.

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